Legs and Shoulders

This class focuses on legs and shoulders and uses interval training as you rotate from curved treadmills, cables, assault bikes, core exercises, and functional movements in 60 minutes.

Crunch Time

Does your core need a little extra attention? Take this Crunch Time class that is focused solely on creating that flat, toned tummy you have been dreaming of!

Bottom 1/2

This class is how it all started. Your lower body will be challenged as you incorporate the Vive Method to maximize your efforts to shape and burn fat. The floor work will provide lower body exercises that will include all the movements that focus on shaping and toning, the inner and outer thighs, glutes, hams and abs. You will cycle through these movements forcing your body to create those desired curves.

Barre Fusion

A fusion style class where barre and cardio meet! Fight to raise your heart rate, and burn calories in this fast paced barre class.


High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) describes any workout that alternates between intense bursts of activity and fixed periods of less-intense activity or even complete rest.

Chest and Triceps

This class focuses on chest and triceps and uses interval training as you rotate from curved treadmills, cables, assault bikes, core exercises, and functional movements in 60 minutes.

Looking to sculpt, strengthen and tone your body? You will incorporate compound functional movements, and pure toning techniques. Learn to eat clean and change your body.

Back and Biceps

This class focuses on back and biceps and uses interval training as you rotate from curved treadmills, cables, assault bikes, core exercises, and functional movements in 60 minutes.

Full Body

Curved Treadmills 4 minutes / Bike 4 minutes / Cables 4 minutes (Full Body) / Abs / Functional / Strength (Total Body)

Calorie Burn

If you have attention deficit disorder, this specialty H.I.I.T. (High intensity interval training) class is for you. You won’t have time to lose focus or get bored. You will leave this 45 min. workout wondering what happened. It went by that fast. Your interval times will change from the self motorized curved treadmills to the assault training bikes to metabolic floor work. This class was designed to make the heart muscle work to its fullest potential. Floor work will focus on explosive movements burning the greatest # of calories. You won’t leave this class wanting more. You’ve just given everything you have!

Strength Cardio

This class is a simple, fun, high energy cardio/strength class pre-choreographed with basic moves that target specific muscle groups. It is a training program with powerful moves to increase your fat burning capacity and cardio endurance level. This will definitely challenge your body and keep your mind engaged!


Want to try something different? This is where the rubber hits the road! This innovative class gives you the best of both worlds – interval cardio and dynamic stretching. You will rotate every 10 minutes incorporating treadmills/bikes and dynamic flow.