On May 21, 2018, Nancy Maclellan passed away after a 3-and-a-half-year battle with ALS. As a well-respected role model in the Chattanooga community, she battled this horrific disease with poise and dignity. Nancy never complained and she never let this disease get the best of her. She loved the Lord and she loved her family. Nancy lived a very healthy life; She loved to exercise and mountain bike.

When Nancy was diagnosed with bulbar onset ALS, she lost her ability to speak before she lost her muscles in her extremities. It was always refreshing to see Nancy communicating with others by scribbling on her “boogie board,” biking on Lookout Mtn, walking into one of her 21 grand children’s sporting events and attending church during her entire battle with this disease, up until the very end.

She always had a big smile on her face. She found the good in everything, even ALS. She most certainly did not let this disease define her, she defined it and that is why we want to honor her and her life and the legacy she left behind.

After the Maclellans were given her diagnosis, her youngest daughter, Elizabeth Lindquist reached out to her friend, Shannon Silberman, who also happened to be the Care Services Coordinator for The ALS Association at that time. The ALS Association played a vital role in Nancy’s disease as they served as a support system for the entire family. The goal of The ALS Association is to alleviate as much of the family’s burden as they can. ALS is a devastating disease— physically, emotionally, financially and logistically. The ALS Association helps patients and families cope with the day-to-day challenges of living with ALS by providing information, resources, and referrals to many sources, including a wide variety of community services.

Nancy was one of the first patients seen in the ALS clinic at Erlanger. This clinic was opened by Dr. Joshua Alpers, Shannon Silberman and The ALS Association Tennessee Chapter. This ALSA clinic is currently serving patients in the Chattanooga area. Chattanooga is growing; and Vive for Women wants to support ALS, as it is a disease that has affected several members of the Vive family personally. The Maclellan family has done so much for our community and we cannot think of a better way to honor this family and the legacy Nancy left behind then at the “Nancy Maclellan ALS Vive K Challenge”. All proceeds will be donated to the ALS Association Tennessee Chapter.  There will also be a ALS memory table on the Riverboat at the event with a picture of Nancy featured along with other photos of friends and family who are or have suffered from this disease.