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A simple, fun, high-energy cardio/strength class with pre-choreographed basic moves that target specific muscle groups.  It is a training program with powerful moves to increase your fat burning capacity and cardio endurance level. This will definitely challenge your body, and keep your mind engaged!


Want to try something different? This is where the rubber hits the road! This innovative class gives you the best of both worlds – interval cardio and dynamic stretching. You will rotate ever 10 minutes incorporating  treadmills/bikes and dynamic flow.


Our signature Vbarre classes use small, isometric movements to sculpt, and lengthen the whole body. This form-focused workout gives you the structured movements to tone your entire body. Once you become familiar with the basics of this class you can choose to move on to different levels and achieve many additional benefits.

Stretching Classes

In the heart of North Shore Chattanooga, Dynamic, core and recovery Flow classes are where people of all ages, levels and body types go to get the stretch that makes you sweat.  Our classes are never overcrowded and always filled with people who share a passion for wanting to feel good in their bodies. From people who are healing from an injury, conditioning for a sport, training for a profession in dance, gymnastics, skating, etc…, looking for pain relief,  or just plain interested in recovering from a hard training week, all are welcome.

Vbarre Ballet

Vbarre Ballet  is a  technique born directly from the world of dance that was designed to give people of all ages, body types and fitness levels a way to improve their flexibility, strength and toning. The technique teaches you how to articulate your body in ways that elongate your muscles. This is what makes Vbb so different, and it is a difference you will feel immediately.  This is how dancers move and it is also the key to their results. They move from the inside first. And now you can too! Not only will it change the way you think about, and understand, your body, but you will also  improve body awareness through a special mind/muscle connection. So, join the Vive movement! You’ll move, perform and feel better with muscles that are longer, stronger, more fit and healthy from the inside-out and end-to-end!