Here at Vive for Women, we are fanatics for women’s fitness! We know what a difference fitness makes in your confidence, health and overall well-being. We are unlike any other women’s gym and are excited to introduce to you our game-changing interval workout.

These hour-long workouts combines the best of cardio and strength training, and is designed for your maximum energy burn featuring Flexline Dynamic Cable Shaping. Our classes incorporate full-body workouts created to target all muscles. 

We utilize heart rate monitors and expert trainers to guide you through YOUR perfect burn without the burden of overtraining. Our workouts are so effective that you’ll burn calories for up to 38 hours post exercise! We’re positive that once you try us, you’ll never want to go back to your old routine again!

Your Vive routine won’t just help you get the body you want—it will help reshape your confidence, reduce stress, and lift your spirits, so you can power through whatever life throws at you!